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Start your day with a dose of  information and entertainment, beeping the fast pace life of our city in mind this show has debates, experts, information, updates and everything you want you talking newspaper want to be with some pumping music. Monday to Saturday 7AM to 11AM.

The Early morning show of

E FM starts with Venkateshwara

Suprabhatam and Shanmukha 

Sharma garu sharing his divine 

knowledge about humanity

Everyday 5AM - 6AM.


When it comes to getting your 

energies back and getting ready

       for the next part of the day

                you can think of only 

                this show, Monday to 

                Saturday 2PM to 5PM.


Stories!! who doesn't love them, we all

have grown up by listening stories at 

different levels of life now listen to 

them all as a radio drama where we 

tell you stories of every genre,

a refreshing mid morning show 

to take a break and change the 

pace of the day. Monday to

Saturday 11AM to 2PM.

                                        When its time

                                        to call it a day

                                       and wind up 

                                        from your  

work comes our Evening Show to 

tickle your funny bones, this show 

also features Telugu Mastaru who

is going to teach you a new telugu     word 5PM to 9PM Monday to



Its time to relax your senses and 

get into next world of dreams 

and Saradaga Kasepu will 

do it all for you with Nostalgia    

and some beautiful Music. 

Monday to Friday 10PM to 1AM.

One of its kind of a show on Radio which 

is all about book reading, yes you

heard it right live book reading 

everyday from 9PM to 10 PM


Book Mate

E FM is known to give its listeners music of all genres, As the name says this show is all about yesteryear music and the legends, Monday to Friday 1 AM to 3 AM.

Top 40 songs listener choice weekly 

countdown show Every Saturday 5 PM to 9 PM and Sunday 7 AM to 11 AM.


    Telugu DJ

       remixes to rock

          your saturday  

             night from

9 PM to 1 AM.


What was the current week upto, know it all in four hours every sunday 2 PM to 6 PM with ahint of comedy and amazing music.


Live Music with Bands, 

Singers and artists to

end your weekend 


6PM to 8 PM


Our Childhood Stories retold as a radio drama, A show for all ages every Sunday     11 AM to 2 PM.

Life stories of those yesteryear legends

with their songs and interesting Trivia,

Every Sunday 11 PM to 1 AM.


RJ Diya

E Mornings for E FM Vijayawada 91.9 FM



RJ Priyanka

E Mornings E FM Tirupati 104

RJ Nidhi

E Timepass E FM 


RJ Arpita

E Mornings for E FM Warangal 104.8 FM

RJ Premanestham

Premam E FM

RJ Pranav

Weekly Roundup, E FM All Stations

RJ Suri

E Timepass E FM 

RJ Mahi

Lite Teesko E FM Vijayawada 91.9.

RJ Vijju

Lite Teesko E FM Warangal 104.8


RJ Sreenu

Lite Teesko E FM Tirupati 104


RJ Lokshita

Saradaga Kasepu; E FM.

RJ Chetan

Bookmate, Jukebox; E FM.


RJ Sashi

Ushodayam; E FM.


Kopparthy Rambabu

Bookmate; E FM.

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